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Motorcycle: from "manufacturing" across to "create"

Every year in chongqing of China held the expo, transformation and upgrade will become a hot topic, this year also no exception. The Chinese manufacturing sector by common problems, in the motorcycle industry act also obvious. But unfortunately, although the topic was mentioned repeatedly, but few have really put it into practice enterprise, let a person feel as if they hope to the way through oral oath to complete the industrial process. Is the so-called China create 口谈 all, has so far been sleep not fresh, the enterprises are a leng "new" subject to talk about "old".

As a global motorcycle production of snapback hats half up China's motorcycle industry, although have the crown already super 10 years, but, in the research fields of the motorcycle, the Chinese enterprise always can't poised to master the key technology of the world together. Big but not strong, not only is China's motorcycle industry the pain of heart, but also China manufacturing industry in the world industrial power collective gripes of aphasia ChenKe.

In recent years, China's motorcycle sales in more than 16 million vehicles, mostly models is walking or parts of the daily such as "practical models" products. According to the statistics, the varieties of products in China motorcycle high-grade motorcycle proportion is occupied 15%, intermediate motorcycle accounted for about 35%, and cheap motorcycle is more than 50%. For extending market chain, motorcycle enterprise thought through the "innovation" way to continue the development of the market, but the price is the final showdown concept profiteering, imitate, wind, the actual quality of the product improving effect is not significant, consumer confidence fell, makes the enterprise promotion of new increased the difficulty.

Admittedly, the enterprise is and recent market, they make the decisions that often can reflect the real demand of the market. From the 2010 China motorcycle industry statements to see, 100 cc-150 cc models sales ratio over 80% of the total sales. The mainstream status, by the China market is in most areas of the most consumer consumption demand and the economic level of the decision. But, we also have to see, China's motorcycle some of the market trend has appeared, if not grasp these new trends, enterprise, we have no future.

In July 2010, China has launched the kingdom of the motorcycle exhaust emission standard, a standard Chinese motorcycle industry to put forward the higher technical requirements. Was this a standard launch means a big industry reshuffle, a large number of backward technology, environmental protection substandard enterprise will be forced to exit the market, but due to lack of supervision and other reasons, this has not happened. But, it is the trend of environmental protection and is imperative the policy guidance of, motorcycle enterprise if take any chances, bitter day is yet to come.

In addition, a new trend is, along with the development of domestic economy, some consumers for motorcycle demand, has surpassed "walking" practical function, and rises to leisure, entertainment, and spiritual level, the pursuit of the motorcycle driving pleasure. This from the on the expo, including haojue suzuki and many domestic GW250 launch enterprises have released 125 cc-150 cc leisure entertainment the type of motorcycle, can feel. Haojue holding Co., LTD, the managing director ChenYiXin said, as early as in 2004, haojue holding is forecast to 2010 years later, both quality and price of 250 CC street sports car market will gradually form, this car is rolled out, it is with market trend of it. Chen motorcycle industry in work for 26 years, China's motorcycle industry holding haojue representative enterprise, production and sales for years to keep the first.

National policy and the regulations of the increasing costs of production, will put some enterprise does not understand the wholesale nfl jerseys scientific management, the product quality, service no lack of complete function brand out of the game. Foreign well-known motorcycle enterprise, all are from the upstream, starts have their own core technology and core product, that is, a full value chain. Last year in the motorcycle market downturn, some of the joint venture with technology such as Honda, yamaha brand series products still contrarian made more than 10% of the growth, that is a very good proof.

China's auto industry association motorcycle club President WangDaWei think, in countries very period, motorcycle industry will face so many difficulties, but overall total sales fell about 13% only, this is not a very frustrated data. For China's motorcycle enterprise, it is very difficult to change the objective environment, so only their own work, the real innovation well, but not the mere exclamation slogan, is the key to reverse the situation.

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