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Libya is now do not have full return to work conditions

China's ministry of commerce working group 8, to complete working visit to Libya. In the working group during inspected the China enterprise in the capital tripoli and class and Libya that the contract project construction site and camp present situation, the understanding of the actual loss situation, and with Libya transitional government will China enterprises to participate in Libya reconstruction and properly solve the problems left over by project exchange opinions and views. Previously, China's ministry of commerce to Libya working group and Libya transitional government and bank exchange opinions. The Chinese side New Era Hats will pay for an enterprise assets, written guarantee proposed opinions, but Libya, unconditional adhere to China should return to work, and hope the company to return to Libya China as soon as possible. Both sides in a series of failed to agree on the key problems. The ministry of commerce to the working group think, Chinese companies to return to Libya in the short term to take place.

By the ministry of commerce in foreign investment and the economic cooperation department priests WangShenYang led. In the WangShenYang during the transitional government respectively with the ministry of foreign trade and cooperation company priests eminem lang-California, housing and public facilities vice minister ali-abdul HaFeiZi-held talks, etc.

WangShenYang stated that China, in the hope that the both sides in line with "the equality and mutual benefit, friendly consultation, mutual understanding and mutual accommodation" principle, to the Chinese enterprise cooperation to make proper arrangements for the original project, Chinese enterprises want to based on this active participation in the reconstruction, improve the livelihood of the people and the economic recovery Libya construction.

LiFang said to strengthen cooperation with China, from the development of the Chinese economy benefit from experience. Ali abdul-HaFeiZi emphasize-and respect and other countries in the prewar the contract with the enterprise, the establishment of special committee will, deal with the legacy of the original projects. He also says it will further research put forward relevant Suggestions of China, the parties agree to specified in the relevant department to solve the problems left over by China enterprise pre-war projects continue to maintain communication and consultations.

Libya transitional government is facing the people's livelihood recovery and economic construction, pressure of urgent hope foreign companies involved in rebuilding rebate as soon as possible. But, the transitional government before the legacy project against have not establish uniform policy and solutions, a foreign company to return to Libya is still faced with personnel entry visa, equipment materials import,  MLB Jerseys enterprise bank account to defrost, bank guarantee, and many other problems and practical difficulties.

Libya security situation is still unstable, and, in some areas, occurred from armed factions conflict, the foreign enterprise and the safety of the difficult to get ensuring. Therefore, Libya now does not have overall return to work conditions.

The working group from the ministry of commerce by foreign investment and economic cooperation department and foreign contractors association, China building engineering corporation, China electric power construction group Co., LTD, Chinese gezhouba corporation, China transportation construction group company, Beijing construction group, huawei, zte relevant persons to form.

China academy of Africa, Asia director of research in Africa HeWenPing introduces, at present China enterprise in Libya undertake the main is housing, build roads, telecom and people's project. HeWenPing said, Africa is China's second largest overseas service contracting market, in Africa has 1 million Chinese, and more recently at the African union summit also puts forward, to strengthen the construction of future African integration, so the African infrastructure market is very big.

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