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Libya 'never peace'?

China news magazine published the nets entitled "was the United States' beheaded 'unlucky countries" feature. This paper says: grenada, panama, Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, the country's leaders have all down, in 'world police' American military blow, the President are not is pulled to go to trial, is to be captured alive, poor luck these presidents fall this end, these are the countries' beheaded 'bad also never peace.

Mr Qaddafi, President 'poor'? They slaughter of civilians is not 'poor'?

Saddam hussein, the President just 'bad' not 'deserved it'?

'bad luck countries'? Those countries' bad '? The author of this article is how down this conclusion? Mr Qaddafi, after the death of saddam hussein to the streets to the jubilant scenes, this article the author did you see?

'no longer peace'! Don't Libya, Iraq and other countries before the 'peace'? Yes, these countries very calm before,  New Era Hats common people meet even words all dare not say more, but this is the 'peace'? No, it's just 'dead', comes from 'high', along with the increase of the pressure, sooner or later, the explosion... to... These countries is just one of the subject to detonate 'powder keg' just.

In fact, in NATO (please note: not the United States, even leading role is not the United States) before military intervention, Libya this' powder keg 'already blew up, because the masses have are on the street, and Mr Qaddafi has begun to suppress. The resistance of the people more and more, and the strength of the crackdown is becoming more and more strong, this kind of circumstance, how to do? Don't let the dictator slaughter the crowd?

Domestic social need to the police, the international community also need to the police. So, in today's world, who when 'world police' the most appropriate? Only the United States or NATO, because only they have the capability, and only they have more security of fairness and justice.

Admittedly, be 'beheaded' after of Libya may be disorderly for many years. After the war after 8 years of Iraq has not been fully establish order. But, this also is normal, after all, 'made' than 'broken' more rare. Indisputable is: if dictatorship continue, people can always be servitude; And 'broken' is' made 'premise,' beheaded 'after at least with a hope! History proved countless times, dominating will lead to social chaos, since it is the inevitable, so late a better sooner than mess, because a mean more big price late!

Of course, these problems should not by us these 'stranger' calculate, but should be made by the people of these countries to decide. If now let Libya people to choose, I believe that most people don't think themselves and their countries' bad '....... Even if is to let the Iraqi people now to choose NHL Jerseys, I believe that would love to return to the eight years ago also won't be in the majority.

Finally, I reminded the authors: whether in military intervention that Libya out whether 'world police' issues, China is also voted for.

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