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Land system does not change the housing market this difficult to break

China Europe international business school professor of economics and finance XuXiaoNian think, China's real estate market if want through this, must think changing the current land system.

On September 17, China Europe international business school in 2011 central Europe-held HuaAn perceptive salons, XuXiaoNian said that at present the central government to take control of the real estate market can solve the housing problem means, price,  adjustment and control means such as hand infringe upon the enterprise the management autonomy; On the other hand, infringe upon the freedom of consumer choice, and the market economy spirit exactly the opposite.

High housing prices have become China's economic growth a big obstacle New Era Hats has been for the further development of China's urbanization, but the real estate problem solving, let the housing breakthrough existing fronts, will have to think about change decades not become the existing land system.

XuXiaoNian said, China is so big country, house prices so high must be wrong. Only by the region geography condition limit, house prices will likely be high for a long time, such as Hong Kong central is an island, land supply is limited, it house prices high. But Shanghai and Beijing can all outward expansion, house prices so gao makes no sense, this is the institutional problems limited the land supply, makes the house prices remain high.

XuXiaoNian said that at present high property prices is difficult to solve problems, most the place of key lies in land supply and local financial close together. If want through this, it will have to break the monopoly of the primary market land supply and increase land supply. To push down, land privatization is discussed to up on the agenda, because land privatization is not only the primary market establishes the land necessary conditions, but also to protect the interests of farmers, and reduce social conflict in land requisition of radical measures.

In addition, also want to consider the reform of the fiscal and taxation system, increasing public spending supervision. Finance and tax reform is not talking about the NFL hats importance of the central and local how penny, and how the government at all levels truth-value supervision including the central government don't spending money.

He said that at present in the face of the price of the house under the measures, house prices may drop down 10%, but probably no more than 30%, and then is revenge rebound, history has proved many times that. If you want to avoid this kind of temporary compression and the emergence of reprisal rebound situation, you must be on its system reform.

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