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Keep increasing pressure not to look down on

Hu jintao celebrate the 90th anniversary of the party in the statement, although we have made remarkable great achievements, but our country and will remain so for a long time is still in the primary stage of socialism has not changed its basic national conditions, the people's growing material and cultural needs with the backward social production and the contradiction between the social principal contradictions have no change. China has the world's second economy though, but the per capita levels are located in 100 or so, according to the United Nations day if a dollar's worth of living standards, our country still has 150 million people living below the poverty line. Only do big 'cake ", to share more' cake "to improve the people's living standard. Development to solve all the problems in our country is still the premise, and the foundation and the key. There is no doubt that keep fast yet steady economic growth and prevent the occurrence of big ups and downs, is still the primary goal of the scientific development. However, for a long time LaDongShi growth pattern of the formation of the cheap new era hats investment, especially the international financial crisis since the implementation of active fiscal policy and looser monetary policy, although make our country in the world to take the lead to achieve the economic recovery, but also to continue to stable growth brings thorny problem.

One is the investment efficiency too low, continue to expand waste is too big, "" every increase during the period of 100 million yuan GDP need investment in the fixed assets 180 million, and 15 '" during is more than 500 million. Such investment efficiency of private companies are not willing to do, and the government has been unable to come again a '4 trillion'. Investment continued to tend to the conditions of the expansion has basic loss.

2 it is inflation pressure has been great to continue to implement the loose monetary policy space extremely limited. In order to deal with the international financial crisis, M2 year-end balance by 475166.6 in 2008 to over 2010 in 72.58 trillion yuan, up 25.06334 trillion yuan, a 52.75% growth rate. New loans also sharply, the RMB loan balance by 303394.6 in 2008 to over 2010 in 47.919638 trillion yuan, up 17.580178 trillion yuan, up 57.94%. And the same period increased 8.7157 trillion yuan. M2 amount is 2.88 times of the growth in GDP, the yuan credit delta is 2.02 times of the growth in GDP. Our country with the GDP than the M2, has increased from 144% in 2001 to 181% in 2011. High inflation pressure, 2011 CPI value above 5.4%. To continue through the release liquidity to stimulate economic growth is already small space.

3 it is the economy in the short term, the U.S. and Japan does not significantly recovery, greatly expand the economy through sustaining economic growth is can. The European sovereign debt crisis in the short term won't get better, and may even continue to deteriorate, the American economy is small, but worse possibility in the short term and not into the upward growth channel, Japan has since the 1990 s has been slow, and now also have no sign out of bottlenecks, the whole capitalist world haven't found a new economic growth point, the world economic recovery road is long and hard. In 2011, central Europe, China and the United States, the sino-japanese trade product growth speed is low overall growth in the same period were 4.2, 6.6 and 7.4%, annual export growth of foreign basic descending from month to month, in December of 2011 growth fell to 13.4%. Rely on the strong support of foreign demand growth baseball hats history is in the past.

Four is consumer demand has been falling into inertia, short-term through the start consumer to support economic growth difficult. Over the years, we have been emphasized to restart the consumer, the economic growth in domestic demand, especially the standpoint of consumer demand, however, consumer to the contribution of economic growth does not rise but lower. According to the spending in the French GDP form, from 'June 5' to '15', consumer spending on economic contribution to the growth of reduced gradually, were 51.7%, 50.2%, 45.1%, 45.8% and 41.1%, to 2006 in 2010, were 36.3%, 35.6%, 35.3%, 34.98% and 33.8%. Consumer ability is the income distribution structure, the people's livelihood security system and the consumption system arrangement of joint decision, continued to decline of consumption to explain the system environment on the whole continues to go against expanding consumer direction. Obviously, improve rate, by expanding consumer to support economic growth, is not short-term can solve the problem.

Also, Iraq and Libya, Iran and other important oil exporter, all for the international political pattern depth adjustments, the international oil market full of uncertainty, China imported oil face negative factors, support the economic growth in China's energy supply is at risk. Domestic look, with a global loose monetary policy that makes the rise in the cost of production material, employee wages also dramatically increase in, and small and medium-sized enterprise management difficulties, the situation in the short term there will also be a certain negative influence.

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