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Japan even buckle two ship with Chinese fishing boat

Northeast Asia fishery disputes a wave surging after another, this is without a doubt China, South Korea and Japan's recent between a hot topic.

The 20 th Japan Nagasaki sea seizure a ship security after the Chinese fishing boat, 21, yokohama, Japan sea again a Chinese ship security detained fishing boat, and arrested the captain LinZongYong.

According to Japanese media reports, local time 21 around 6 PM, the patrol ship security yokohama sea in Japan the bonin islands of territorial waters near was found in Chinese fishing boat "fujian xia fishing 05128" number. The ship displacement 132 tons, the ship has eleven crew members.

The security of the tour yokohama sea Marine Chinese and New Era Hats Japanese command "fujian fishery xia 05128, stop the ship for a check, but the Chinese fishing boat didn't stop the ship, but keep opens. Patrol ship tailgate afterward, about 1 hour, Chinese fishing boat to slow down, in the bonin islands of the island 17 kilometers southwest married to stop the ship.

Six the maritime security officer points by 2 boat to step on the Chinese fishing boat to alleged violations of the fishery law of the (escape boarding) arrested 37 on the LinZongYong captain. Japanese media say, the ship 11 Chinese crew did not resist, and no one was injured.

After a day of 20,, the Japanese Nagasaki security just held China sea fishing boat "zhejiang like fishing 16" date, and arrested the captain ZhongJinYin. At 21, "zhejiang like fishing 16" number 10 crew arrived in Nagasaki by fishing port, Nagasaki sea security department will ask questions to them. And ZhongJinYin is in that afternoon was handed over to Nagasaki JianChaTing place.

25, Japanese prime minister wild tian "to China will be the first visit after taking office, the Japanese were seized in before the visit Chinese fishing boat, whether there is a correlation between the two? So, what exactly is what purpose?

"The Japanese government pro-rated in domestic public opinion for dealing with." Shanghai international problems Japan research institute, deputy director of the research center, the rose to "the first financial daily said, in normal times, the attention of fishery disputes is not high, to visit eve, Japan's domestic opposition to hype this topic, YeTian cabinet had to respond.

The foreign affairs college international problems ZhouYongSheng institute professor have argued that the Japanese do so, purpose is to promote China agreed to set up between the two countries is "hotline". He said: "November Japanese foreign minister xuan YeGuang ichiro visited China has put forward this problem, for China is held for YeTian fishing boat to visit again the question made matting."

ZhouYongSheng said, if open the "hotline", Japan in China that can be fishermen cross-border fish pressure on China, urge China to strengthen the management of the fishermen, but at the same time, China can use the "hotline" to protect the legitimate interests of Chinese fishermen.

ZhouYongSheng also said, northeast Asia sea area is Chinese fishermen hundreds of years of traditional the Wholesale MLB hats mutually, although by in fishery agreement, but regardless of the Chinese fishermen Japanese for hundreds of years of tradition, blindly adopt compulsory measures and can't really solve the problem.

Considering the YeTian immediately start to visit to China, the rose that Germany, Japan not to damage the day the friendly atmosphere, "should be released as soon as possible the captain of China".

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