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Has invested in western infrastructure

According to the China investment corporation (CIC), chairman of the board of LouJiWei introduces, this only China's major sovereign wealth funds from Britain to start, invest in developed countries are fewer tatty infrastructure.

LouJiWei today in the financial times articles on said, under the $410 billion asset to the side, 'is eager to fund management companies, or through a public-private partnership, as equity investors participate in Britain's infrastructure industries'. LouJiWei recently visited the UK. During his state visit to the UK, he discusses the Chinese side of the British infrastructure potential investment details.

At the same time, the British government also look to Britain's pension funds and the Middle East and Asia's sovereign wealth fund, hope they can provide the funding to New Era Hats upgrading the British highway, railway, port and public housing.

Britain's finance minister George & bull; Osborne (GeorgeOsborne) hope for new infrastructure projects found 30 billion pounds ($46 billion) fund to to boost flagging British economy.

In LouJiWei is proposed in this paper, the Chinese enterprises and investors in addition to help to build the infrastructure, also hope to have in the west and operate these infrastructure. 'traditional Chinese only, as the contractor to participate in overseas capital projects. Now Chinese investors are realized, it is necessary to investment, development and operation of such programs. '

Many Chinese officials and scholars have been calling for diversification China's $3.2 trillion foreign exchange reserves will be part of reserves into tangible assets overseas, including infrastructure.

Although the exact makeup of China's foreign exchange reserves belongs to the state secrets, but most of its assets are high ratings of the sovereignty of the debt, especially the United States Treasury.

Bank was founded in 2007, its mission is a small part in charge of foreign exchange reserves, with its high risk of overseas investment, earn higher returns.

At first, most of the overseas investment bank object is financial institutions, but in recent years the fund already investment in natural resources related enterprise, and occasionally involved in real estate.

At convention of calls funds have almost all investment in place, but it is expected in the next few months will get waited for a new round of capital injection.

Many of China's senior officials, complained that the western politicians often discrimination from the Chinese investors, the reason is they to the rise of China and Chinese state-owned holding enterprises (this kind of chinese-invested NBA Jerseys enterprises in the overseas most active) intentions are worried about.

LouJiWei appreciate the UK is "one of the world's most open economies', owns a 'sound judicial system'. He also said the bank, already 'in the UK market based on considerable size'.

Responsible for the management of China's $3.2 trillion foreign exchange reserves, most of the assets of the organization, China's state administration of foreign exchange (SAFE). In England the analysts said the safe in London the equity investment in the stock market, now account for, the ftse 100 index (FTSE100) component about 3% of the total equity enterprise.

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