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Electricity price rise call back in

Three years off $one hundred billion deficit

National bureau of statistics, the first eight months of this year, the electric power industry sales profit rate is 3.5% (thermal power business is 1.5%), and is the main upstream and downstream of the lowest in the industry.

1-June, the national hydropower enterprise realize the total profit of 10.6 billion yuan RMB, a 16.7% growth year; Nuclear power enterprise total profit of 6.4 billion yuan, 22.9% year-on-year drop, growth is by turns negative; Thermal power enterprise total profit of 8.7 billion yuan, 48.3% year-on-year drop, losses continue to expand.

1-August,snapback hats thermal power enterprises to achieve total profit of 12.2 billion yuan for eight months negative growth.

Huaneng, datang, CLP, cast the huadian power, five big power group thermal power business losses of large area. Huadian corporation thermal power business 2008-2010 accumulative total loss is as high as 12.5 billion yuan. Loss has already been up to 3 billion yuan of datang group, thermal power loss or amounted to more than 70 yuan.

2008-2010, only five big electric enterprises thermal power loss is accumulated to 60.257 billion yuan. If you include the other thermal power enterprise, three years of thermal power industry in losses mire may reach a loss of billions.

Price: upexpression or reform

Although business losses in a big mess, but from power structure look, whether the installed capacity or generating capacity, at present thermal power generation accounts for as much as 70% ~ 80% than all.

In thermal power generating cost, coal accounts for about 70% to the total cost. 700 million tons of national key power coal of contract, and is the backbone power group power plant maintain basic power production of coal security. And in the contract the coal and coal prices market gap, one contract has declined. Power generation group c power coal in contract 30% ~ 50% or so. This means that this year the key national electricity coal trading volume in the actual contract only 400 million tons, the national around about 1.5 billion tons of coal from the market need electricity purchasing.

At the same time, the price of coal has nine years ago is the 7 times. In 2002, China coal actual average price of about 150 yuan/ton, and so far, 7000 calories per ton of BiaoMei price has over one thousand yuan, the price is BiaoZhunMei guangdong area reached 1226 yuan/ton.

And coal prices doubled up different is, since 2002 in China's power industry practice "factory nets apart, bidding for access to reform", has been the government pricing. In 2004 the "coal power linked", a rapid rise in the price of coal, nfl jerseys cheap electricity prices are only made several adjustment, and have risen by no more than 40%.

"The market coal, plan electric" contradictions in the system are increasingly. Thermal power enterprise losses are affecting large industry production and development. Electricity in coal mine enterprises purchase, and even coal business management in person to fill the hole caused by power generation. Some of the approved projects electric enterprises not commenced, has been under construction projects also delayed production.

Electricity price reform does not reach the designated position, the "power failures-raised the electricity price rise-electricity prices-with waste" vicious cycle. In China's energy nets chief information officer HanXiaoPing opinion, "now coal market, but has to stand in the power grid companies, thermal power enterprise are among the electricity grid companies sell, supply and demand docking, must not set up electric power market trading mechanism."

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Experts say need to consider carefully coal power associated

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