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China should should not salvage the euro zone

The European Union has been do not recognize China's market economy status. European offers of China's market economy status must reach the five standard is: 1, in and privatization of the relevant in the enterprise operation caused no government distortions, not barter trade; 2, the government should reduce through the industrial policy of raw materials or export or price limits to the enterprise way influence, the government should ensure that all companies to get equal pay; Three Chinese companies to improve, abide by the existing accounting management system level, to ensure that trade in defense survey the reliability of accounting information; 4, China should ensure enterprise in bankruptcy procedure fair treatment, and respect for and protection of private property and intellectual property rights; 5, China should make banking in the market run under standard, cancellation of discriminatory bank admittance threshold, to ensure that financial institutions to the allocation of New Era Hats resources reasonable.

Chinese companies want to separate the European Union by market economy status, and shall comply with the European Union on the five conditions: 1. The enterprise decision according to the relation between market supply and demand decision, without clearly influenced by the state intervention; 2. The enterprise according to the international accounting standards have a universal set up accounting books; 3. The enterprise production cost and the financial conditions were not the value of the past the notable effect of economic system; 4. Enterprise operating in legal protection, from government intervention and established or shut; 5. The change of the currency exchange decided by the market.

Market economy status and non-market economy have different treatment, mainly in the judgement of the products from China its price is lower than normal value, consult standard different. If the eu believes that China is a 'market economic countries', the Chinese products and its domestic enterprise cost price will become the European Union that the products' normal value the important basis of "; If the eu believes that China is a "non-market economies', want to other countries of similar product prices as a reference, to judge from the Chinese products its price is lower than normal value.

Buy euros for bonds with NFL hats market economy status, and no real meaning. China is the market economic countries, do not need foreign to decide. If the eu believes that China make dumping at low prices, the Chinese can re-examine our country export price is really too low, if too low, it should be to raise prices. If China's export enterprise for export prices improve but losses, it should be switched to make other business, can't protect those on low export enterprise, because that would lead to a waste of resources in China.

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