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China's new energy vehicle development looking forward to break the bottleneck

Although in recent years the "new energy vehicles" in a lot of people hear the word to not strange, but see new energy vehicles, in many of the Chinese people's eyes is still a very fresh.

The "eleventh five-year plan", China has put forward the "energy saving and new energy vehicles" strategy, the government paid close attention to the new energy vehicles research and development and industrialization; Last year China's new energy vehicle is listed as one of the seven strategic new industry. In "1025" development plan, new energy vehicles is listed as the future of the auto industry development center. At present, faw, saic, being, changan, chery, cobolli gigli, areas, such as auto manufacturers are engaged in the development and production of new energy vehicles.

This kind of snapback hats attention from China's resources and environment of pressure. China's auto industry association deputy secretary-general YeChengJi in low carbon during congress said: "2010 China petroleum external dependence, and is expected to close to 55% over the next 10 years can be more than 65%, oil security became China's automotive industry the development first restricting factors."

In addition, in recent years the rapid growth of private auto possession, becoming China's transportation carbon emissions and energy consumption increase of the main factors driving.

Tsinghua university climate policy center recently released "the China low carbon development report (2011-2012)" shows that in 2010, building and traffic carbon emissions accounts for about 30% of the total social, compared with 2005 increased by 41%. In 2010 the car fuel consumption compared with 2005 growth of more than 74%.

In order to promote industry development, increase energy conservation and emission reduction efforts, China to new energy vehicles in recent years of intensive support policies come on stage, but the market effect is not obvious. Market information display, new energy vehicles in China is still "noble hall former yan", exhibition hall "vase".

In July 2010, China 10 city 10 vehicles energy saving and new energy vehicle demonstration promote pilot city to 25. The data showed that work letter by July of 2011, 25 pilot city energy saving and new energy vehicles has total over 10000 cars, but some of the new energy vehicles individuals to buy only about over vehicles.

Is organizing new energy vehicle of the JiangXiHong new electric car manufacturing Co., LTD. Technical engineers and the small said: "show two pure electric car price is 230000 yuan respectively, 250000 yuan, every purchased a 60000 yuan RMB subsidies, the state, province subsidies tens of thousands of yuan, subsidies amount may account for about half of the models." But reporters on the scene to see, hear, after quote, some consumers said they would be "scare".

Experts say, in addition to the market price is high, cause new energy vehicles "life difficult" reasons include automobile safety needs to be time inspection, city supporting environment and facilities deficiency, market price is high,.

China's ministry of industry and information ZhuangBeiSi vice priests WangFuChang points out, new energy vehicles industry still has to improve, the design technology power battery, and other key parts performance gap, car has not yet been fully grasp advanced technology for energy conservation.

In addition, because of the new energy vehicles industry involves many government departments, "energy conservation and new energy vehicles industry development planning (2011-2020)" again and again modification has yet been reached, lead to China's new energy vehicle development route did not very clear.

YeChengJi said, overall, the whole new energy vehicles industry is still in the initial stage of development and industrialization, many technical challenges and market link to break through the problem. China nba jerseys should in constructing the new energy vehicles overall security system, cultivating development key technical innovation ability, make new energy vehicles support development policy, speed up the industrial union construction and so on to make more effort.

But the industry analysis says, new energy vehicle development has presented good momentum, it is estimated that by 2012 China's new energy vehicle output will reach 1 million cars. Experts think, new energy vehicles from "vase" promoted to the "opening" need government support, an enterprise to increase scale production, and get the recognition of consumers.

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