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China's emissions will no longer simply said 'no'

As the cancun, before Copenhagen climate conference, in durban, with the European Union, the United States led umbelliferae group of countries, with China, as a representative of the basic four group, in order to different interest to continue the intense game. One of the most key point is still double track and monorail system problems, the United States and other countries pink-and-white group looked at emerging economies increased carbon emissions, die bite a China must be added to the four basic mandatory cuts to the plate in.

Although the four basic to 'common but there are responsibility' the climate talks as the main rival to weapons based, which China has begun to appear on the attitude of the loose. China raises in the 2020 years after the mandatory cuts need five conditions. This suggests that China has no longer mandatory cuts to New Era Hats simply say 'no', if China and other major emerging economies to join the mandatory cuts, so in essence of monorail system has been formed.

The Chinese side the reason that has this kind of change, the main reason lies in domestic to transform the pattern of economic development of increasingly urgent requirements, at the same time, international pressure on China is more and more big. China is now the world's largest carbon emitter, per capita carbon emissions have more than the world level. And, according to the international energy agency (IEA) "world energy outlook 2011" report predicts, according to the present China's energy development and CO2 emission levels, 2010 ~ 2035 years of CO2 accumulative total is 1900 ~ 2009 cumulative amount of more than three times, and at the same time China during 1900 ~ 2035 total emissions of CO2 than Europe, close to the United States, 80% of the historical accumulation. By that time, China in the climate negotiations of the per capita brand and history CARDS are not big persuasive.

Durban after congress to withdraw from the second phase of the Canadian emissions reduction, lies in its don't think in the little sense of emissions. Because at present the Kyoto agreement "contracting party 37 of the industrial countries in the state party, and does not include China and the United States, the proportion of the world's carbon emissions is less than 20%. Also, the European Union will in 2012 to entering the eu airspace international air transport collection 'carbon tax'. This kind of unilateral action and, in fact, that carbon emissions to the country, manufacturing of specific pressure. China and the United States if continue to delay it, there will be more such unilateral pressure appear.

If China is to in 2020 years into the ranks of the mandatory cuts, will be more policy to promote the realization of the goal. Consider the first three quarters in 2011 China's energy consumption per unit of GDP fell by 1.6%, from the national development and reform commission determined in energy consumption per unit of GDP this year should be the 3.5% decline in existing difference between the target, it means that if according to this rate, in 2020 China unit GDP carbon emissions by 40% to 45% of the target is hard to finish, let alone the future 2020 to join the mandatory cuts to the industry. By that time the domestic resources and international environment would give China great pressure. Therefore, China must be in '1025' through special policy during the arrangements to promote a low carbon economy KuaYueXing of development, so as to promote the development of  Discount sunglasses huge carbon business opportunities.

Carbon business opportunities by the government, the increasing financial investment to expand. As the durban by developed countries take out every year the money to green climate fund was established, the Chinese government will through the new energy price subsidies and other means to support a low carbon economy development, this support can greatly reduce the cost of low carbon industry, thus to form dimensions, achieve market can accept price range.

Carbon business opportunities by a carbon tax to stimulate. Be in China at present a carbon tax has become the inevitable choice, has come to one ton of carbon dioxide about how many yuan on the stage, and the carbon tax would raise the proportion of more and more, it also will stimulate the huge low carbon business opportunities.

Carbon business opportunities to achieve breakthrough depend on. China's carbon emissions in three key areas, industrial, transportation, construction to drastically realize the energy conservation and emission reductions, rely on the development of low carbon will focus on technology to realize breakthrough, such as carbon capture technology, technology research and development input itself and technical breakthroughs can bring huge economic cake.

Carbon business opportunities depend on carbon trading to enlarge. The eu's carbon trading market has become a huge financial market, China once in to the mandatory cuts stage, voluntary emissions can't form before the carbon trading market will have a big enough growth. The future carbon is expected to become more than oil of the financial market of the biggest products. Durban after meeting, China's energy saving and industry, new energy industry and so on low carbon industry will have greater development, the future industry scale is likely to exceed 10 trillion yuan, and to be the economic new driving force.

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