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Based on the private economy as the main economic system

Economic indicators suggest that, enterprise operating conditions of existence to decline, and one small business status is bad.

As early as in the summer before the drought is shrouded in the more developed eastern region, power brownouts agitation first struck in small businesses. Because the big enterprise has been the main local economic growth, thus, 'the time is little "will become the local government to power failures and the basic principle of economic difficulties.

'the little "time is reflected not only in limiting power, money is so credit. Because of China's inflation the grim situation, monetary tightening credit policy throughout the year. This year the central bank continuously improve the deposit reserve ratio, the bank can borrow money tight, so small business financing more difficult. According to the national association of industry and commerce survey, small businesses this year of funds situation is even more than the 2008 financial crisis more severe.

Early and worrying employment is still in waste spread, China human resource market information monitoring center data shows, at present the eastern, central  MLB hats and western regions labor demand are greater than supply, job vacancies and the percentage of people were 1.09, 1.05, 1.07. According to media reports, in this "waste" in employment, the first been affected is the medium and small enterprises. With the central survey, more than 90% of those polled said the pearl river delta enterprise labor shortage existing problems. The supply and demand changes forced enterprises to improve employee treatment, bringing the higher Labour costs.

Economists are often the generating capacity and power consumption for judging the economy trends of leading indicators. In power failures situation, the enterprise may not full load production, so the overall economic slowdown is inevitable. If in most parts of large enterprise that electricity, and sacrifice small business interests, then part of the small businesses have to face shutdown circumstance. And money and labor as enterprise production of the basic elements, if at the same time in the tense situation, so the survival condition of small businesses is worrying.

It is. The national association of industry and commerce, according to the survey, the jiangsu and zhejiang provinces such as small and medium-sized enterprises now 16 business difficulties, including delta, is if a large amount of enterprise shutdown, half a shutdown of the situation.

It is said that the national federations of industry and commerce of the survey report by a central attention, and the China banking regulatory commission it is in this context on the small business lending support the policy.

Admittedly, the CBRC for small businesses to improve positive feedback financing conditions, but this kind of policy support also belong to an expedient measure, and small businesses can't solve the management environment Cheap sunglasses exist for a long time is not good.

The world economic development experience shows that economic growth and the creation of employment opportunities in the main motivation is small businesses. Therefore, China should be reviewed small business policies, establish strongly support the development of small businesses national strategy.

The key question is, should the basic economic system of China's new definition. In view of the private enterprise in creating the proportion of GDP and employment has more than half above, it is necessary for China's economic system revision on the state-owned economy as the leading ", with the private economy as the main body of the 'economic system. Only by establishing the subject status of the private economy, can provide support of small and medium-sized private enterprises system arrangement, and in government macro economic management process, the economic policy focus turned to small businesses.

Only change ideas, to know the private economy and small businesses of economic status, to reform the economy system, so as to solve the difficulty of the long-term private small businesses.

Power failures, waste and waste money people, let small businesses into 'famine age ". Although 'famine' is temporary, but if not fundamentally solve basic environmental problems, that 'famine can lead to small businesses' "common", and give up the entity economy, into the financial investment and speculative tide. If the situation if so, not only will blow up asset bubble, more can damage China's economy is the fundamental.

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