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Two degrees nominal quotation price promotes

According to know, lately take span of life's 4.31% ownership of a shares have started since November, 2010 in the north and hand over the low-key nominal quotation, however hasn't been looking for to like buyer.In February, this year because of capital increase affair, the object ownership of a share stops halfway a nominal quotation;Now then and again be listed, the price changes in to°from 160,000,000 dollars in past 170,000,000 dollars.

  Alienation announces to suggest, the happy span of life convenes shareholders' meeting on February 17 this year, the meeting passes an item concerning object business enterprise cheap Florida Panthers Jerseys capital increase, and request with paid a capital increase style before April 30 this year.Because currently still not yet finished capital increase, the past alienation square holds a proportion(4.31%) possible occurrence alteration currently, what this alienation square alienate is an object Qi is 100,000,000 shares, concrete proportion's needing capital increase completion rear can make sure.

Capital increase price is evaluate nominal quotation price of importance according to, because of the radicle price of capital increase project is 1.7 dollars, is higher than in trip was listed to alienate the price 1.6 dollars each one before now, made the basic situation of bargain take place some important variety, was listed price to also adjust for the sake of 170,000,000 dollars.

  Though for successive years loss in business, happy span of life to future development confident.The company said that 2012-2013 years are a company a first step development stage.This stage because of the organization build year by year decrease, the expenses increment range descends, insurance fee scale continuously extension, loss in business to present to year by year reduce trend, will be turned Ying by the Kui till 2013.According to public information, the happy span of life draws up to fight for the earnings that starts practice to carries out those early years the 6th years behind and carry out total amount earnings the 9th years, and have the condition of become available in the market.

  Through medium truly property valuation limited company valuation, on November 30, 2011, alienation object to should Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys cheap evaluate the value as 136,000,000 dollars.

  Alienate a square to request, the intention is subjected to let the square should meet company law , and the insurance cheap Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys company manages a rules , insurance company ownership of a share management way ...etc. the insurance company shareholder qualifications condition stipulated by related law laws, the intention is subjected to let a square beard to understand the request of above-mentioned laws and evaluate the qualifications and condition that it is let an insurance company ownership of a share by oneself.
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