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the regiment buys a website to embrace regiment
Inside Ba Ba(tiny Bo) group the underneath regiment buy platform to gather worthwhile declared to open strategy in 2012 recently.It will to cooperation the colleague open to gather completely worthwhile of must active customer and count the loan and funds of 100000000 dollars."Gather worthwhile is a platform that outward opens, is a regardless independent regiment to buy a website still small scaled localization service company, all will on the same platform together set tournament."Gather worthwhile general manager Yan Li Mao to say.
  The industry insider thinks that this opens strategy to build a push biggest domestic of the regiment buy platform, and influence regiment to buy the mode of profession development, buy the development of market to bring baseball hats many new influence to the next move regiment.
  The related data suggest that gather in March, 2010 the worthwhile low key is online, till the end of 2010 platform total turnover already more than 500,000,000 dollars.Gathering in 2011 is worthwhile development center of gravity from have no regional of the merchandise expand into regional regiment to buy to carry a camp and buy to trade a sum to attain up to 12 the end of the months its regiment 101.800,000,000 dollars, have already broken through the life service regiment that 41 cities idle away in seeking pleasure a type to buy, the independent visitor number attains 12,000,000 every day.
  According to know, Gao Peng Wang(tiny Bo), the United States the independent regiment, such as, regiment net(tiny Bo), and full house net(tiny Bo) etc. buys a website already formal go into halt to gather worthwhile platform.Yan Li Mao means that inside the group is underneath of inside finance will to cooperation the colleague throw in the loan of 600,000,000 dollars, and the
IDG capital and Gao Li angel invests and Zhe company's ten thousand Jias invest three well-known risks invest organization to cooperation the colleague's 600,000,000 dollars investment, help the regiment to buy together having of profession the preface hold out for long time a development.
  Buy a website to together get together to the regiment worthwhile embrace regiment of the phenomenon of development, analyze to think to is the natural outcome that the regiment buys a market to develop a certain stage inside the industry.In 2011 the regiment buys already after leading a year of explosion type growth, face a head round to shuffle cards.According to the related report, the domestic closes down in August of the medium small regiment buy a website over 300, and about 12% local regiments buy the website was more than a month don't renew.Consult(tiny Bo) a statistics to suggest according to the moxa Rui on the other hand, the regiment buys profession to always trade a sum to reach to 19,600,000,000 dollars, but gather this year worthwhile regiment's buying platform have already occupied profession section of country.Passing to form alliance pre-eminent platform to develop his/her own regiment to buy business is undoubtedly a quite good choice.Moxa Rui deluxe analyst Su will the Yan think, Chinese regiment buys growth potential in the market huge, experienced regiment after the rapid development and buy a business enterprise also at the same time the regression reasonableness is gradually.Pass to build, open the mode that the regiment buys platform, will buy the development mode of profession to bring aggressive influence to the regiment in the funds and the customer resources aspect.
  On the other hand, when the regiment buys a website to embrace regiment nba jerseys to develop, regiment's buying the characteristics that the profession divides is further also strengthening, the perpendicularity subdivides realm to expand to the cosmetics, and luxury goods...etc. further from the food, and clothing...etc. more abundant of realm.The positive article vogue cosmetics website of biggest domestic net declared recently every day, already with Teng Xun underneath internet shopping of
QQ carries out at the exclusive cooperation of beauty category.The related data suggest that every day mesh front already with more than 600 houses at home and abroad well-known brand company and its sole agent the company build up a direct cooperative relation, the merchandise category has been about 300,000 kinds of, the website includes a skin care, make-up, perfume, personal nursing, body beauty weight reduction and healthily maintain several companies of etc.s city channel, the day order measures high peak already 10,000 single.In addition, worthy of paying attention to BE, in addition to cosmetics realm, appliance, car, tour, the shoe pack the professional regiment buy the website all presents in 2011s rapid development, buy a website to also have the further hair the possibility of the dint in 2012 this kind of regiment.
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