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The head the coal seam spirit item
Currently, Pan piece in the Chuang explores to keep to measure 30,000,000,000 squares clearly, the hair changes the Wei batch productivity for replying for 500,000,000 sign square rice.Anticipate steady produce to expect to start counting from now, is 12.7 years;Invest to requite a period for 7 years.
  Pan piece in the Chuang gets into scale development after, the coal seam spirit cheap new era hats will pass "Yu piping" finally Be served to Henan and Shanxi market, the end user includes industrial customer, and business customer...etc.."The coal seam spirit sells to a part piping operator, a part sells to the downstream market."The Fu middle-class family means.
  "Yu piping" north rise the Qin water county in Shanxi carry a surname town, south go to universal love county in Henan, all grow 98.2 kilometers, is the coal seam spirit that the local head is built up to transport piping.
  From 2006, nation continuously set several coal seam spirit industry special policy, but Fu middle-class family means, coal seam spirit price of establishment will completely from rely on a market, is more slightly high than natural gas.
  "Being this time to mine will from outside square(Asia and America) homework.Anticipate a development to expect to always invest 1,257,000,000 dollars.Along with the beginning of the first discount sunglasses the inside outside cooperation item, the coming 1-2 years, will have 2-3s item like this."The Fu middle-class family says.
  Coal seam spirit namely coal mine gas, the main composition is a methane.Currently, the our country has already explored the clear coal seam spirit geology to keep to measure 118,000,000,000 to sign a square a rice.Asia and America company deluxe deputy governor, Li Jing, says:"In early days, Asia and America company already in the United States, the Australia successfully develop a coal gas layer development and hope to lend this experience to carry on a development in China."
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