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The fossil puts together the extent of connecting very serious

Even if don't can see querying of fossil, reporting of media and professional but always persist, this also lets the further condition can disclose gradually.

  Huang Ji recognizes afterwards fossil after plaster repair, also recognize at the science hospital hospital in the United States state publishes and announce a thesis too hurriedly, discount oakley sunglasses have never repaired fossil part and plaster part differentiation to write.The thesis no 1 author's plum he also recognizes, ?The Chris piano Sen didn't see with own eyes super - fossil specimen.

  But, Huang Ji once insisted these defective anti impact proptosis this is the conclusion that hunted a leopard fossil at the earliest stage.

  "Does not the straw how can affect conclusion?"Deng Tao queries a pass, " was like to buy Tang San Cai, but this Tang three colourful is that the Luo male a certain small workshop knot is sham, the de facto basically isn't Tang San Cai, is just that the modern people commit of an imitation is a different thing with true full.That mass& lsquo;Fossil& rsquo;Is also similar, have a liking for to be like the skull fossil of hunting the leopard, de facto and probably and basically be not.As for it actually is what things, also can be pick, let all of its fixtures it recover status quo ante just know.After reverting, probably it has search worth, probably and not what lately detect."

  Laying in Deng Tao 's office is full various ancient animal fossil, he with start to take the next dens fossil of a rhinoceros, point at the part instance of rehabilitation pass:"The province of these rehabilitations, the plaster holds white, didn't make into and fossil uniform color, object be for making people know that this are the rehabilitation of, when the research worker steers search also one eye energy make out come which parts is a rehabilitation of, which parts is prime.Is scientific search, repair part have to can definitely identify, incapability and true part mutually confuse.But the fossil forge, is a fossil monger for raising specimen of commercial value but let the wholesale snapback hats fossil seem to be more complete, according to forge of fossil to study, ratify will make mistake."

  Probably because querying one is too many, Huang Ji finally agrees to show Deng Tao fossil specimen.On May 10, 2012, Deng Tao 's vessel leaves for Shanghai.Appraiser for letting more science, Deng Tao still invited and government thou animal fossil museum pair curator Chen Shan frequently and together go to.Chen Shan frequently is Gansu faces the top rehabilitation superior of the summer basin thou animal fossil and has more than 10 years the antecedents for repairing an ancient animal fossil, Be had about 3000 by the ancient animal fossil that he once repaired.see more:NFL Highlight Big Hits Big Plays Motivation
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