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The finance in Zhejiang year allocates funds 100,000,000

Zhejiang province in the national exemplification virtuous pure whereabouts of long trunk school bus, as advancement region in the east, already the explicit student up and down learns settle of communication demand total way of thinking.

  On August 28, Zhejiang province formally initiates primary and junior high school traffic safety guarantee engineering release, save cl. finance constitution particularly item capital, wholesale oakley sunglasses annually 100,000,000 dollars, used for award revamp engineering's result to show the region of Zhao, "do not compulsorily buy school bus, the county class state is proper because of earth system, option."Department of Education campus safety everywhere in Zhejiang province long Pan the Wei Chuan point out while accepting this report interview.

  Pan Wei Chuan tells a reporter, the remit money scheme of these 100,000,000 dollarses hasn't recognized, the initial respect picks a part factor index, such as economic terms, county area area, go by car a number, is the standard of repartition.

  On the universe, Zhejiang province gives the "free" terms of proptosis BE:Satisfy a student to up and down learn a communication demand, and guarantee a safety.

  But these 100,000,000 particularly item capital's arriving each county on the average is 1,000,000 dollars.Follow a virtuous pure county this previous sex buy car 20,000,000 dollars, depreciate amount to throw in 2,000,000 annually by 10 years, again plus run camp cost 4,000,000 dollars annually, the equal to annum always throws in 6,000,000, province cl. financial subsidization have smaller, and xcl everyplace the gap of financial solvency.

  Sur school bus safe control regulations of the proptosis in state council stand, the county class above local government regulates an operations to owe a total responsibility to the school bus safety, "our rules BE, the responsibility principal  is a county government first, cl. finance in the province particularly the item capital Be just reward characters, rather than complete from province the cl. state Dou bed."Pan Wei Chuan says.

  Sur the initial of the Zhejiang province snapback hats measure calculate, all province have the primary school of school bus demand to living or so around 40 myriad peoples, requirement of the school bus is mostly 15,000, secundum's minimum standard, a school bus purchase cost is 200,000 dollars, altogether 3,000,000,000 dollars, but each car annum maintenance cost is 80,000 dollars, annum total 1,200,000,000 dollars.

But Zhejiang province the province education budget always throw in 100,000,000,000 dollars in 2011 or so, among them, the finance sex education throws in about 50,000,000,000, "school bus this cabbage to us press all very big, this demand that may raise after having not considered a formal carry camp."Pan Wei Chuan points out that quare in province at last don't intend all save unity, by force push school bus.see more:Cheap NFL and Nike Unveil New Team Jerseys
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