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The environmental protection department will restructure
 After sparse soil particularly after item is whole to cure an activity, supervisor's section aims at a color profession environmental protection problem"bright sword" once again, target direction heavy metals pollution"heavy disaster area"-lead storage battery profession.There is color metal in China industrial association pair president of association Gu star reveal on the 7th, NFL Hats environmental protection department in the near future start to the lead storage battery recall(reborn lead) profession of particularly the item environmental protection pit check an activity.
  "The lead storage battery production, construction and recall(reborn lead) business enterprise list" that the environmental protection department releases at the end of last year suggests that the whole country adds up to 1962 type of business enterprises.Among them, grounds, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei and Anhui...etc. the type of business enterprise all over 100, Jiangsu province is stood first with 492, Zhejiang province resides a seat by 331.
  Last year Gu star said to the reporter of
economic reference report , , the association has already done a lot of preparation works, but the afternoon of the 7th, the concrete affair of association exclusively reborn lead environmental protection check carries on discussing.
  An officials of related supervisor's section tell
economic reference report the reporter in the telephone, this time particularly the item Be whole to cure an activity, the environmental protection department hopes to pass and has color metal industrial association to cooperate and reaches mark to exhaust according to the pollutant, satisfy the nba jerseys pollutant total amount reduce to line up profession thresholds like measure,etc and draw up the lead storage battery that meets an environmental protection request production and recall business enterprise list.
  "The business enterprise that didn't check through an environmental protection pit, will be believing a loan, export, again the realms like margin,etc faces numerous restrictions.Gradually raise along with the environmental protection threshold, these business enterprises are probably closed to stop."The above-mentioned personage says.
  Remarkable BE, before the environmental protection department starts a national sex environmental protection pit to check, have already continuously started the environment to the lead storage battery profession everywhere item to particularly enforce the law a check.With wade a lead business enterprise to set up the most Jiangsu province for example, the end of 2011, environmental protection hall in Jiangsu province releases of data suggest and totally checked to all save 451 to wade a lead production business enterprise lately, stop production whole changed or closed to crack down 275, among them many was a craft to fall behind, pollute small business enterprise of serious lead storage battery and reborn chain of lead Ye small business enterprise.
  "Several great pollution affairses that break out in recent years, let the environmental protection Wan disease of reborn lead industry be like a cancer then the display come out."The above-mentioned environmental protection section officials say that the environment trouble, link risk of reborn lead profession, mostly appears to carry on a recall to the lead storage battery of dynamoelectric bicycle, dismantle a solution, maintain, process at the small business enterprise and make use of again etc. link.

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