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The department of commerce promises to improving atmosphere

"The first half year hinterland physically makes use of foreign capital USD 59,100,000,000 and together compares to decline 3% this year, the second half will be improvinged law, policy and commerce atmosphere to draw on more foreign capitals."

  On July 16, department of commerce undersecretary Wang Chao polarized sunglasses makes proptosis above-mentioned show when Hong Kong, china region attends "2012 china invest policy seminar".

  Wang Chao thinks that foreign demand anti strong, the Euro-American economies slids to affect a hinterland export performance, hinterland should to tool can be let commerce convenient turn.Second half, the hinterland will innovate to make use of a foreign capital method further and open widely absorb foreign capital province, continuously recondition invest atmosphere, excellent turn public supervision kimono duty, hope that the foreign capital scale is attracted to the whole yearses to hold stable, or slightly has a growth a little bit last year.

  Though the first half year hinterland physically makes use of foreign capital level to have slump,hinterland and Hong Kong's trading contacts is getting closer.Wang Chao will ascend to point out, first half year, hinterland and Hong Kong volume of trade amount to USD 147,400,000,000 this year, Hong Kong business invests about USD 33,900,000,000 in the hinterland, together compares to up 9.7% and has foreign capital's 57.4% in the hinterland investment in the business;But the hinterland invest up to USD 23,500,000,000 in the at and from a port and together be up to 58.9% than the upswing and have to new era hats wholesale expect invitation inside Hong Kong of invest 66.4%.

  In Wang Chao's eyes, Hong Kong can hold original special advanctage, and pay attention to newly arisen six greatest domainses of hinterlands, the including economizes on energy environmental protection, modern agriculture and cultural province etc., he still suggests at and from a port the company pays attention to a midwest shape. see more:Ray Ban Sunglasses
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