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The car industry concentration degree head lifts
 Recently, this report Xun(reporter, Liu Jun, )'s State Department caused the industry transformation got stripe a programming(2011-2015 years) (as follows brief name programming , in the baseball hats middle put forward the industry concentration that wanted to raise car profession degree once again.With former dissimilarity of BE, programming to explicit index sign, point out the concentration degree of car profession 10 ex- business enterprises need from in 2010 of 82.2% increase in 2015 of more than 90%.
  According to the definition of
programming , so-called"concentration degree" is the industry concentration that presses the product yields calculation degree.In the car profession, the programming is definitely local of ex- the concentration degree of 10 car business enterprises to need to increase above 90% in 2015, and discount sunglasses compare in 2010, the total amount variety is worth to 7.8%.The reporter keeps in mind, programming the request that put forward a concentration degree to steel, car and ships three professions, but also have tallest request in three professions to the index sign value of the concentration degree of car industry.
  To this, think inside the industry that the policy contains an abundant information.A car industry analyst who doesn't wish to reveal name said that increasing for concentration degree 5 years more than 7.8% BE"completely can attain, and can sooner."He said that if have administration strength to get involved car profession to integrate, want
only the first 15 greatest cars business enterprise in of any two words of merger, all have much of an opportunity to complete this task, therefore doing not expel will take place once again"merge a big drama".see more:The encouragement national product turns medical
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