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The Brazil carries out the method of banning smoking
in the Brazil on December 15 report, Luo's filling president Fu has already signed to ban smoking an ordinance, and have taken effect in the whole whole country since this very day, the contents mainly includes to forbid in the public situation smoking, and strictly forbids a cigarette advertisement etc..
  The smoking ban laws of Brazil settles and forbids in the public situation of all snapback hats closings in the whole country to smoke cigarette, like airport, store, restaurant, and office...etc.;Smoke factory can not any form release a cigarette advertisement.Ordinance also compulsorily requests to extend the sign of healthily dangerous warning, its size doesn't get less than 30% of cigarette case cover.
  Nearer in the last years, saint's protecting regions, such as Luo and Rio de Janeiro...etc. has already carried out a similar and strict smoking ban method one after another, can reach to to tallest the penal sum that breaches 1600 thunder second Er(about USD 940).But
federal government official gazette says, bans smoking in whole baseball sunglasses country the punishment regulation of method the set still still needs date.
  The number of official announcement suggests that people's number of Brazil smoke takes up 15.1% of the national total population currently, while this proportion once attained 34.8% in 1989.Meanwhile, the second tobacco in a Brazil still a world production country and the biggest exit country, the tobacco yield is 668,000 tons in 2010, among them, 85% is used for exit.
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