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The appliance industry stock anticipates to maintain Gao Wei

The industry insider thinks that follow for three quarters, degree, because of economy energy subsidy the policy launch etc. reason, the appliance sells quantity to start a gradual Qi steady rally, the degree will continue a rally situation all the year round, but the stock digests possibility not obvious, Gao stock condition or will continue.

  The stock doesn't decline anti- rise

  Pass by long-term and overcast after, appliance profession finally at three quarters, the degree ray ban sunglasses outlet welcomes to turn warm an evidence.Together spend an agreeable data to suggest, up to October 28, 43 every family electricity listed companies have been already disclosed report for three quarters, having 21 of accomplishment ascension, have compare near 50%.Among them, China idea compresses for three quarters, the degree accomplishment together compares to increase 800%, the beautiful Ling electric appliances increases 700%.These is last year the four seasons degree, appliance profession for the very first time express an evidence that need turns warm.

  Although three quarter degree the profession have already turned warm an evidence, because of continuously for a few quarters the degree need don't flap, the Wei Mi in the market and productivity excess brings of the sky measure stock, not ability at compare in a short time digest.And the new product still and just and constantly and continuously increases.

  "The appliance product Gao stock is becoming an appliance industry to bear of pain."Industry insider introduction, Gao the stock take up a great deal of funds and make funds chain collapse to even split tightly;The  business enterprise wants to bear a large amount of interest;The warehouse expenses promotes, many business enterprise month warehouse expenses at must the dollar is above.In addition, the electronics dollar spare part exists aging risk, after increasing to sell costTherefore, go to the 

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