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Super 40% milk product business enterprise is eliminated
lately statistics suggest, in 2011 our country exceed 40% milk product production the business NFL Hats enterprise be eliminated, AQSIQ means, will continue to raise this year Gao the risk food is quasi- into the threshold.
  According to the statistics, national last year quality check the system totally checked illegal case of a quality 105,000, among them food quality the illegal case attained 28,000.The department concerned is strictly quasi- to go into system, strict production of direct, strict the direct make selective check to etc. measure to more take care of to together descend to obtain to show Zhao result and take milk product profession as an example, last year have exceed the milk product business enterprise of 40% was eliminated to bowl out.The bureau chief of AQSIQ pays a tree even mean:
  Paying a tree is even:A very outstanding matter was a milk product business enterprise to restructure last year.The best sunglasses milk product totally has 1176 business enterprises, we revoke to produce a permit 426, the deadline is whole to change 107, calculating a proportion is 40.4% business enterprises be eliminated.This eliminating quantity is very big.
  This year, AQSIQ will also list as milk product, wet goods, meat product, food additives, organic product etc. to take charge of a point, build up quality to fail in promise "blacklist" to combine to announce to the society and enlarge quality to fail in promise strength for punishment.At the same time, choose 1-2 high risk foods profession, raise quasi- go into threshold, eliminate a business enterprise that not agrees with to match a request.
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