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River's copper controls sparse soil resources
The mineral resources of sparse soil upper stream's integrating this boot has been already fallen to the ground, but adopts to choose the Jing mineral after an allotment way this boot didn't°yet action.
  On December 14, the reporter is in the whole country the second sparse soil resources ground the cool mountain in Sichuan go and see and discover, a few sparse soil Ye chains covered separate a business enterprise in, a because of have no the rice Be next to sink into and stop production, one is just actively whole to change and need wreath and review and let go, and decision stops production and sells to the stateowned business enterprise to the processing plant.
  The snapback hats local sparse soil processes plentiful metallurgy limited company(descend the brief name"Rui plentiful metallurgy") vice president, Sun Ji Xiang, of business enterprise Rui to worry and takes stateowned business enterprise as corpus, will soon arrive to the integration that processes a business enterprise, the run by private capital sparse soil business enterprise will thoroughly bowl out.
  Put in the sparse soil Ye chain and separate the threshold of the business enterprise in front and have 3 at least:The wreath reviews, instruction production plan, sparse soil Jing mineral.Luxuriant source sparse soil the new material company(descend the brief name"new material") representative director tell a reporter, "we just at whole change, report material to the environmental protection department, in February, next year the pit of the environmental protection checks as a result will announce, if we didn't pass, again wait the last environmental protection department the spot pit to check, if can not also pass, that thoroughly out of play."
  BE increasing environmental protection devotion at the same time, the sparse soil processes a business enterprise to contain worry.The new material representative director worries that"do not know that oneself after throwing in the funds can review through a wreath?Can the wreath get hold of an instruction production plan after reviewing?Can get hold of how many instructions production plan?Having the production instruction plan whether can have fair market opportunity?"
  Rui plentiful metallurgy Sun Ji Xiang also think, the management of sparse soil mineral is in the national territory resources section hand, instruction production plan from Be changed Wei to control by the letter Wei and the hair, environmental protection whether reaches mark the hand is at the environmental protection department in.But end, can get hold discount nfl jerseys of a resources from river's copper in Sichuan the sparse soil limited company(descend the brief name"river's copper in Sichuan") the hand, they don't dare to make sure now.
  Sun Ji Xiang said that stopping production of river's copper in Sichuan knocked for them to ring a Jing clock.The Ye chain of Rui plentiful metallurgy separates ability to be second only to river's copper, year Ye the chain separate the ability is more than 7000 tons.But now have no the mineral can be used, have to choose the tail mineral of mineral factory to the past and re- choose for a while, can choose 300 ton minerals now every month and estimate till June, next year, the tail mineral finishes choosing, the business enterprise will have no rice when the time comes next.
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