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Reduce the deposit reserve rate is favorable to ease the crisis usury

In 2011, China's economy has shown a local financial crisis, this is the phenomenon of usury in China's resurgent, and have of Tennessee. The high interest rates usury, scale, broad scope, are to reach unprecedented degree. Zhejiangwenzhou and Inner Mongolia is one of the ordos worst-hit areas. In wenzhou, zhejiang 'run road' boss more and more. Should say, flood and monetary tightening usury closely related, mainly because, on the one hand, due to improve after the deposit reserve rate commercial Banks need money, small and medium-sized enterprise loan not, on the other hand the bank keep interest rates low (below inflation). In this case, give some unscrupulous businessmen an opportunity.

In the monetary tightening, the social common fund shortage. So, the big snapback hats Banks tend to give the big enterprise lending, the small businesses the ability to resist risk weak in large enterprises, commercial Banks will be compressed small business loans first. Small businesses can't get loans from normal bank system, the gap left by informal financial offer. And non-financial institutions of where the money came from? The author thinks that there are three channels: one is from real estate to withdraw from the capital (looking for investment income), two from the bank lending and borrowing the equivalent of funds, three of the suction from folk to raise.

From the perspective of demand, as tightening effect, industrial department liquidity more and more difficult, and had to the remedy is worse than the. Small and medium-sized enterprises need to survive, will have to live through usury. So, last year flood usury, especially with the central bank in the last two years of the special monetary policy relevant. 2008 years after the financial crisis, monetary policy quickly greatly relaxed, launch a huge amount of credit, which caused the liquidity deluge and high inflation, forcing the central bank monetary policy and a sudden turn and tightening sharply. This kind of dramatic hurt not only large enterprise, and more hurt small and medium-sized enterprises.

Therefore, the central bank reduced the deposit reserve rate is very necessary. On the one hand is to the needs of the slumping economy in 2012, on the other hand is also solve the nba jerseys enterprise, especially small and medium enterprise needs. Enterprise capital demand easing, will ease the crisis usury. Of course, solve the crisis is not a thing of usury, also not only reduce the deposit reserve rate so simple, still need multi-pronged, especially to establish and perfect the warning and emergency mechanism.

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