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Medium the electricity unite estimate this year
In 2011 national electric power supply and demand circumstance and analyze estimate in 2012 that the MLB Cap association releases thinks that this year our country at steady in seek improvement of work total keynote and more effective of macro view adjust to control bottom, electric power's increasing soon will increase to soon and together drop with the economy and anticipate whole year's whole societieses are measured for 514,000,000 kilowatt - hours with the electricity, increase is soon dropped into an of 8.5%-10.5% by 11.7% in 2011, increase soon trend to present "ex- low empress Gao" to distribute.
  Medium electricity allied think, the external environment of electricity supply will continue the rigorous situation in last year this year, the hydraulic power probably also appears to water to be partial to a withered circumstance very much before the Xun, and giving or getting an electric shock the local, time of coal supply the antinomy is still more outstanding."The comprehensive balance is analytical, anticipate in 2012 national electric power supply and demand Be still total to be partial to tightly, the local area, time and seasonal lacks to give or get an electric shock still more outstanding, the biggest electric power indentation is 30,000,000-40,000,000 kilowatts."
  Medium electricity allied anticipate this year give or get an electric shock the coal amount of consumption will compare to increase 150,000,000 tons last year or so, correspond to need domestic to add more than 300,000,000 tons of coal supplies.In order to guarantee the electricity coal that the fire electricity produces to supply, medium the electricity Be allied to appeal:On wanting to release a coal productivity and increase local coal yield quickly, control the local coal export, increment coal import scale, ensure that giving or getting an electric shock coal is ample supply;Two want to inspect the check electricity coal price, the whole Su circulates link, strict control to give or get an electric shock coal to factory of price;Three want to start a coal electricity in time to be allied to move, manage an agreeable electricity price formation mechanism quickly, improve a fire electricity the business enterprise for nba jerseys successive years loss in business of production management environment;Four want to build up sound electricity coal a supply and marketing early warning and regulate, meet an emergency a mechanism, support a fire electricity business enterprises to save more coal and keep power station reasonable to save coal level;Five want to orchestrate to arrange railroad luck dint, quickly approve the railroad of the construction"north coal south luck" to lose coal passage.
  Medium electricity allied still estimate, will add to pack machine 85,000,000 kilowatts this year or so, among them, water electricity adds 20,000,000 kilowatts or so, the fire electricity adds to narrow to 50,000,000 kilowatts or so, till the end of the year our country generate electricity to pack machine capacity will reach to 1,140,000,000 kilowatts or so.
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