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Medium keep a food into edible oil
Win the wide January 4 news(reporter D China is gorgeous) in net Peking reports according to the voice of economy, win keep the brand of gold Ding of food this initiative becomes available in the market of product is 5 rise with 1.8 rise to pack of one class soybean oil.Already in the east of R.O.C and north China region greatly in the city carry on spreading city, the plan is finished in 201250000 sale nets to order and carry out yearly sales quantity 200,000 tons of targets.
  Medium keep cheap oakley sunglasses food grease company vice president's Wang Qing Rong's introduction to say, first half year of this year, the gold Ding edible oil mainly passes the dealer spreads in the supermarket, food oil traditional outlets, such as store and agriculture Mao market...etc. city, second half year of get into district of supermarket, next year get into shopping mall, large catena supermarket.Is medium to keep the target of food is fight for overalying Xinjiang and Tibet in 4 years outside of other province area City.
  Wang Qing Rong:Spreads this year according to us city plan, the first half annual convention becomes available in the market in the east of R.O.C and north China two districts.China east involves Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and Shanghai and north China involves Hebei and Shanxi, Peking and Tienjin.It is second half year of us to want to become available in the market in R.O.C south and mainly involve Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi and Henan.
  As the new D of edible brand in the oil market, "gold Ding" brand because is born at in keep a food underneath, is paid attention to by market on falling to the ground."Gold Ding" is in order to contend for benefit since then, still adjust to control need?
  The China grease net copy chief Guo Qing protects analysis to say, the international food company has already controled raw material in the grease market of our country above 75%, process and edible oil supply, foreign capital brand gold Long Yu Yi occupy the quota of above 40%.Hair in the nation changed Wei to talk around last year edible oil business enterprise, but edible the oil price space still presented to soar of trend.
  Guo Qing protects:These two years edible the oil price space soar and include a food oil price the space soar, is all what terminal packet packs to rise in price arouse, but now nation at finished product food the oil is also a packet to pack aspect, have no good adjust to control to carry a body.So is medium to keep a food into packet to pack a market, market's adjusting the ability of controling will be a little bit strong.
  Guo Qing protects to think and wins to keep a food grease companies to release packet to pack, mark nation the chain in adjusting to control edible oil terminal a market is further perfect.
  But"gold Ding" would ever start to carry to adjust the responsibility of controling the market?Medium keep a food grease general manager Liu Jian Min of the company said, "gold Ding" mainly faced to the public to consume a market, the list price will be lower than the same kind brand.
  Liu Jian Min:Medium keep food company isn't a business enterprise that takes making money as unique target, the demand that we want to obey macro view in the nation to adjust to control first, for the consumer provide sex price compare higher wholesale nfl jerseys product, so our terminal products want to surpass the same kind product on the list price.
  Medium keep a food grease general manager Liu Jian Min of the company said, for strengthening to control ability to the market's adjusting, they are also enlarging the construction of production ability.
  Liu Jian Min:The town river who wins to keep food grease company currently's producing the packet of base to pack a production line has already been finished to throw to produce, in the future still program for several years in the Tienjin, Guangdong and etc. ground in Henan, reconstruct to establish the production line that a few packets pack edible oil, the target is the production ability that forms a year to infuse to pack 700,000 tons.
  The coming two years, winning to keep a food will form a year to squeeze 2,750,000 tons and infuse the edible oil production scale of packing 700,000 tons, the local market share will attain 10%-12%, and the price of gold Ding will have already hoped to become edible mark pole in the oil market.

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