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Majority of blind men can weigh to see bright

The west committee in the Pacific Ocean region of World Health Organization says on that day that the world has 39,000,000 blind men around currently, 4 of five among those cents need the simple surgical operation of accepting the adequacy and then can weigh to see bright.

  Establish at Manila of the committee say, the cataract is the most reason that makes people become blind, but cures cataract to need simple surgical operation to oakley sunglasses wholesale replace a muddy crystal form body of Hun then.This kind of surgical operation in brief and efficiently, at present flourishing nation almost no one because cataract to blind, however many cataract sufferers of medium low income nations but because of having no opportunity but have an operation but become blind, all bring huge influence for sufferer, family and societies.

  Investigate result enunciation, the world 90%ly becomes blind with amblyopia the sufferer live at in low income nation, in early days diagnosis ability effective decrease become blind to lead with the outbreak of amblyopia, but the cataract surgical operation wait simple treatment then can make majority of blind mans heavy to see bright.The committee appeals that district all countries become blind to give more concern to the prevention and the treatment, it lets more knowledge that the people understand to prevent from becoming wholesale New York Giants jerseys blind, get a necessary treatment.

  The second Thursday of October, every year is "world love eye day"."World love eye day" activity is predominated by WHO, the aim is arousing in the world to injure to the blind disease, sight and the sight is damaged recover from illness of value, the point of activity is that eyes are healthy and equal to acquire a treatment this year.see more:
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