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Is beautiful to do a beginning to cut to China anti - dumpings cases
This report December 4 Xun in Hangzhou this in winter for Chinese light Fu business enterprise to say, really particularly cold.December 2, 2011 the United States time, American international trade committee beautiful do a damage beginning to cut to China solar cells(plank) anti - dumpings and the anti- subsidy cases, affirm that China loses beautiful solar cell(plank) to bring substantial damage to industry inside the United States.If the final judgment still keeps maintaining this result, Chinese from now on light the Fu business enterprise export the light Fu product of the United States will face 49.88% to 249.96% tariffs.
  "Cut to affirm to this beginning, we are very sorry."Chinese machine electricity product importer-exporter will law service department vice- director, Liu Peng Xu, say.Liu Xu Peng tells a reporter,baseball hats we have already provided a great deal of evidence toward the United States to beautiful the applicant's accusation give to refute sharply."But the United States survey organization didn't hard investigate the material that the Mainland hands in, also have no earnest consideration is American local industry is majority of business enterprise opinions."But she said, Chinese machine electricity product importer-exporter would still continue to represent China industry to actively defend and supported the legal rights of Chinese business enterprise.
  The Euro-American market growth meets resistance
  "This time'the double is anti-'case, the biggest influence lies in basic broke to send Chinese light Fu industry of'American dream'."Anne nation stock certificate new energy realm deluxe analyst, Wang Ling, think, although the United States market isn't very big currently, because it provides the coming 5-10 yearses of"imagination space" for market to the devoting major efforts of new energy supporting policy.
  "Give up this market in the United States to really very pitiful, but, if 49.88% putting forward now according to the United States plaintiff collect standard to 249.96% tariffs, even if is lowest 49.88%, we also can withdraw."Nations famous light Fu one of the production companies rather wave the day ground solar energy incorporated company sell the vice-president Mou soldier Feng say.
  According to know, because the all light in Zhejiang Fu business enterprises didn't become compulsorily should tell a business enterprise, therefore already have more than 10 business enterprises is entrusting a lawyer to carry on to respectively defend.The purpose that does like this, for fighting for a tax rate of opposite special discount to collect proportion.
  The worst "chain reaction" is hasing already anticipated in the business enterprise-namely after the United States, EU probably also starts to aim at later on very much Chinese"the double is anti-" of the same kind product case.According to the statistics, in the light Fu product of our country export, 80% sells into EU."If China all suffers resistance in the United States and Europe market, loss will hard imagine."Wang Ling says.
  Need to lend the carbon bargain the recovery inside the deep ploughing
  For China overcast light Fu business enterprise to say, in addition to the further extension that expects a l wholesale nfl jerseys ocal application market, in 2013 Europe comes into force third stage carbon to trade a plan also very worth expect.
  The Hui fame released recently of rating says, Chinese only the Fu product aroused of fierce competition and Europe are only mainly national to cut down the Fu subsidy meant that European solar energy profession faces rigorous test, is appearing better technique and carbon to exhaust a tax help before solar energy generated electricity had a competition ability more, this kind of condition couldn't appear an amendment.
  The rating of Hui fame means that the solar energy profession may start recovering in 2013.Till then, the public enterprise unit and other large carbon exhaust a business enterprise to have to purchase to exhaust power, not be like free issue now.This undoubtedly will be a royal feast of the domestic light Fu business enterprise.
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