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Integration or to the structure and form change
"If should form alliance to reach smoothly, will to the structure and form creation of the electronic commerce profession that there has been graveness influence."Liang Huan Lei thinks, the MLB Baseball Caps electronic commerce profession still will continue to present to public structure and form from now on, even if reality and hearsay contain deviation, it changes of"big drama":On the other hand, the electricity competition between the companies still will continue;On the other hand, the competition brings the integration of industry.
  The related medium cite that the senior industry insider news said and was when net and country the United States will launch a depth cooperation at the figures electronics product, and appliance product...etc. numerous directions, if cooperation negotiation go with a swing, both parties will reach depth cooperation intention to make a contract in two months recently.Analyzed a personage to say inside the industry, the country that controled a 100,000,000,000 dollars appliance resources was beautiful and controled a being of high-quality book resources to be the cooperation of net, were these two important business lines appliance and book making city eastern to rely for existence, is challenged by severity.
  Liang Huan Lei thinks that being is a net to cooperate with country the United States of resist a target may be a city east, residing last Su to rather and easily buy(tiny Bo) afterwards may be its target.The moxa Rui net releases of 2011 the middle of the year, the country network shopping market report suggests, Su rather and easily buy have already ascended to sell the B2 C business enterprise in the second place for independence, the sales attains to be close to 5,900,000,000 dollars and be second only to a city east company's city.Not only such, last year year tail Su rather still got into book realm.
  However, the hats for sale structure and form variety not only means to give or get an electric shock competition between companies and integration, but also mean to give or get an electric shock a company the oneself adjusts to carry camp strategy."Under the background that price fights, company's city in the east of city for long time few earningses, really have very big funds pressure."Observe according to the beam Huan Lei, the electronic commerce profession has synchronization in establishing the price of the same kind merchandise, any business enterprise beginning price war, will cause the whole profession to collectively reduce price.
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