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In 2011 our country the car sell quantity
 A, the car sell quantity to keep a growth and increase soon and drop obviously.The national car sells quantity for 18,505,000, together compare increase 2.45%, be subjected to a nation the macro view adjust to control, encouragement consume the policy withdraw, the cardinal number city limits, such as Gao and Peking...etc. buys etc. factor influence and increased soon to drop 29.9 NFL Hats percentage points a little bit last year, was lowest for 13 in the last yearses in 2010.
  Two, multiply by with the car increase is sooner high than total level, many use car growths show Zhao.Multiplying by to sell with the car is 14,472,000, together compare to increase 5.2%.Among them, the basic type multiplies by to sell to measure with the car(sedan)10,123,000, together compare to increase 6.6%;Being multi-function to multiply by to sell to measure with the car(MPV) is 498,000, together compare to increase 11.7%, increase obvious;Sport type many uses multiply by to sell to measure with the car(SUV)1,594,000, together compare to increase 20.2%;Crossing a type to multiply by to sell to measure with the car is 2,258,000, together compare to descend 9.4%.
  Three, small row quantity the car quota slightly decline, the independent brand together compares a fall.1.6 rise and multiply by to sell with the car as follows 9,839,000, together compare to increase 4%, is lower than to multiply by to increase soon 1.2 percentage points with the car, have to multiply by to use a car total amount specific weight is 68%, compare last year the same period descend 0.8 percentage points.The independent brand multiplies by to use a car to totally sell 6,112,200, together compare to descend 2. 6%(deduct to export domestic to sell quantity together compare descend 5.4%) has to multiply by to sell total amount 42.2% with the car, share more the last year same period descend 3.4 percentage points.
  Four, the company use a car to together compare to present to descend trend, the passenger car market is a to only show.The company sells to measure with the car 4,033,000, together compare to descend 6.3%.Among them, the passenger car sells to measure 403,000, together compare to increase 13.3%, is the car type that the company uses unique growth in car;The trucks sells to measure 2,702,000, together compare to descend 4.6%;The half hangs to lead a car to sell to measure 258,000, together compare to descend 27.4%;The passenger car not- complete vehicle sells to measure 85,000, together compare to descend 2.8%;The trucks not- complete vehicle sells to measure 585,000, together compare to descend 13.3%.
  Five, the car export create a history new high that has ever had and import a car to quickly increase.According to Chinese car industrial association statistics, 2011, the car export is 814,000, together compare to increase 49.5%, compare last year the same period increase 269,000 and create a history new high that has ever had, reach to 60.8% to the car growth contribution degree in same period and become the main strength that the car sale that pulls this year increases.Is another according to the baseball sunglasses maritime customs statistics, the national import car is 1,037,000, together compare to increase 27.8% in 2011.
  Six, profession the economic index sign continue to increase, concentration degree in the market has an exaltation.Is 10968 to national car profession statisticses of scale above business enterprises according to the Chinese car industrial association, the 1-11 months total amount completes 4.47 dollars: industrial total production value and together compares to increase 16.8%.The car sells to measure the business enterprise group of the top ten the difference as last vapor in 2011, east breeze, one vapor, Chang-an, north vapor, wide vapor, strange Rui, China morning, the Great Wall and river Huai, totally sell car 16,091,000, take up 87% of the profession total amount, compared to raise a percentage point last year.
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