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Foreign Minister calls that selects a non- permanent membership

After two votes, Korea, Australia, Rwanda, Argentina and Luxembourg win an election.Medium new agency hair Li Yang shoot<BR> medium the new net give or get an electric shock to report according to Han Lian She on October 19, Korean diplomacy trades minister officer Venus Huan mean on the news conference on the 19th, after selecting the non- permanent membership of UN Security Council, Korea can largerly contribute for making stronger peace in Korean peninsula and stability to do.Can become the Security Council director country, explain that Korea ensured to suppress cheap sunglasses dint to bigger Korea.

  Venus Huan says that Korea once carried on a discussion on the Security Council while"challenge"ing in the past, at that time Korea not director country, could pass other national participation discussions.Is relevant from now on international society of various safe affair, Han Fang will participate in on his/her own initiative and raise Korea's position in the international society further.

  The Venus Huan evaluation said that this time result proved that the international society admits that Korea is in the function that the international peace develops with safe realm.Before now, Korean government was extension to the international social contribution, once put forward "Korea prospect in the world", consequently also meaningful in this aspect.

  Venus Huan means to will take mission consciousness and responsibility consciousness at the director country tenure, actively participation works out a problem in Korean peninsula etc. international social safe problem and does a contribution for this.Compared with 15 year agos, international activity and economic power of Korea significantly promote, therefore will take more important sense of responsibility, further and for the country the border society does a contribution.

  Become a director country whether empress will give Han Ri the Philadelphia Eagles snapback cheap relation to bring influence, the Venus Huan means to have special variety.He emphasizes original position, should face history, the establishment faces to a future relation.But leave behind a problem for territory sovereignty and history he mean, can't have compromise, will handle a problem according to the history fact.At need cooperative part to launch in the same day originally cooperation.see more:
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