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Current car rushed to controlling China's market

In the European market flagging cases, good led the world of luxury car brand is trying to rely on sino-american market pull growth. Economists expected the barclays, Europe in the first half of 2012 will remain in the depression, and therefore the trend will continue at least until the second half of 2012.

The world's largest luxury car maker BMW, Daimler subsidiary of the Mercedes Benz, and public its NFL Hats audi are aimed at China and the United States, such a big market, in China's automobile market scale for many years more than, or even twenty million.25 impact.

Friends of the car magazine deputy editor LiYang: because the base is bigger, even a small proportion, for foreign luxury car manufacturers it is also a very large share of the market.

In the global marketplace, and so far, the United States or the world's largest luxury car market in 2011, and the total sales in the current car is expected to 1.65 million vehicles, a 18% increase year-on-year. In the 1990 s, Cadillac and Lincoln was eyes of the Chinese luxury car pronoun. But these discount sunglasses days, the beauty of the scenery of the luxury car past some by German current car "take" the meaning, but for some americans, beauty is the car "plot" is still don't change. The city of Detroit car people randy is a freelance writer, he express his beauty is current car feelings.

Randy: the United States of the wealthiest current car may be generalized into plot two kinds, one kind is like that of the beauty of god buffett is a faithful follower of luxury cars, a car before the old golden Lincoln city car was his seat of travel rides, not long ago he changed again one Cadillac; Another kind is the pursuit of individual character fans, such as favour some limited brands, such as the United States, Europe more small all the major, GaiZhuangChang produced in the car. They production car is manual customization out, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, the price is high.

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