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Connect the interest rates cut can bring stock market what

There is standpoint that think that the stock market probably lend a machine rebound

  Learn the central bank cuts interest rates once again of news after, section people, Mr. Liu, didn't bring about high expectation on stock market.After the last time's interest rates cut has never brought to see medium sentiment, some femoral people seem to be passionate anti higher - to this time interest rates cut.

  The specialist points out that generally speaking the interest rates cut will urged the capital are cheap aviator sunglasses from the saving spill pass but place to the capital market, this is undoubtedly a benefit to like to the stock market of the capital boost type.However, decide a stock market basic trend still to is economic basic situation and business in the black condition, in this big back ground under the not enough and optimistic hypothesis, any benefit well the stimulations are all hard to hold out for long time.However the standpoint thinks and cut interest rates with last time dissimilarity, this time interest rates cut occurrence under the condition that stock market has already broken a fall and low bit prowl already a long time, the stock market also exists the demand of rebound, the stock market probably lend a machine rebound and urge to living lately a sentiment.

  English great bureau chief Li Da Dun Xiao's analyse in securities research laboratory says that this time interest rates cut is a good matter to the capital market, but a two interest rates cut amalgamation incapability vs the stock market generate too big impact, along with the gradual adjustment of monetary policy in future, cumulative effect would vs the stock market constitute long-term benefit good, bring A stock market field emollient underpin.

  In re continuous interest rates cut whether the band moves building City to turn warm, Guo Tian Yong thinks, the central bank cuts interest rates idea promote and boost real economy but don't  aim at building City, central bank floats interval to support regular to emphasize to the mortgage interest rate, impersonate our country the financial policy insist carrying out housing to adjust the resolve of controling the policy.

  The central bank emphasizes on the 5th:Personal housing price of money floats interval not to adjust, the financial institution wants to continue strictly carry out each housing credit policy that the differential baseball hats turns, the continuation refrains the speculative investment buy atrium.

  As for the impact of the interest rates cut upon the banking of the central bank non- symmetrical, analyse a personage to point out, this undertaking will generate dual impact to the bank section.On the other hand, the non- symmetrical interest rates cut makes the interest spread of banking zoom out, will bring the reduction of banking profit.On the other hand, the cumulative effect of monetary policy will vs the real economy generate benefit well, the poor assets of bank or will therefore cut, this on the contrary will have a progressive role. According to xinhuasee more:It is my converse shoes
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