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China and Europe state in Middle East

Europe, china-Middle East state with the 6th to cooperate secreariat to establish a congress and first time state cooperativeness the member conference hold in Peking on the 6th.On that night, won a new agency reporter to cooperate prospect to exclusively cover a Chinese ministry of snapbacks hats foreign affairs undersecretary, Sung big wave of secretary general from first appointment in secreariat for china and Europe state in Middle East.

  Song Tao professes that china and traditional comity in Europe state in Middle East are deep, political mutual trust foundation good, each other hopes to relate to fair political quickly the conversion cooperate a result for practicality.At the same time, china's national each province consortium in Europe, Middle East together has very strong complementarity.

  Song Tao says that is current, Europe state in Middle East is just and actively concentrate on extending export abroad, invitation foreign capital, develop economy to get away from the disadvantageous impact of international finance and debt crisis in Europe.But china is stepping up to transform an economic development method, need inside the expand, implementation diversity in the foreign trade market and business "walk out" strategy.China and practicality in Europe, Middle East state men's oakley sunglasses cooperate of agree with point to continuously increase.

Song Tao professes that we have hight consortium wishes and the consortium demand of complementarity, complete justifiability from believe, after joint effort, we definitely continuously extend a consortium and service a severalty shape and carry out participation of interests the consortium object for totally winning.see more:Serval NHL teams' Jerseys online sale
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