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China's food safety detection by foreign rob food market

When the food safety increasingly attention by people, business opportunities also appeared.

November 25,, the United States Life technology company (Life Technologies) announced to the Chinese market of DNA sequencing products to rob food Chinese food safety detection market cake.

According to the company the global food security and animal health department general manager Nir Nimrodi revealed that, because the Chinese government importance of food safety testing, and the identity of the DNA sequencing method to detect, so the Chinese snapback hats market also became the life the most promising technology company of one of the market.

In April this year, American technology companies will its global life of business is divided into four areas: North America is a district, Europe, the Middle East and Africa is an area, the asia-pacific and Japan is a district, greater China is a district.

"It is enough to reflect the importance of the Chinese market in 2010, our global sales of $3.6 billion, China occupied 10%. We will further expand its Chinese business, the highlight of which is new food safety testing." Life in the greater China region technology company President Siddhartha Kadia says.

China, however, centers for disease control and prevention nutrition and food security LiuXiuMei researcher has said that "food is produced, not out of supervision.

She points out, China's food safety monitoring and supervision system in all the world is unique, and the detection in great power, but it is still difficult to fully cover the food supply, and of various links; Instead, the United States and other western countries often only in one area set up a supervision and inspection personnel, the main food safety detection by production enterprise own polarized sunglasses responsible.

Also the expert inside course of study thinks, in no compulsive standard driven, China's food safety supervision and inspection by the enterprise bear completely spontaneous is not realistic. "American life it was clearly technology company zeroed in on this, started taking food this huge cake."

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