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Beautiful the officials call to have more beautiful airports

Transport a safe administration news Li a kind of insect of spokesman?The method cloth Si Tan accepts The Xinhua news agency on that day reporter interview say, the grounds, such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston...etc. big airport is using new millimeter of wave whole body scanner act for the X shoot line scanner to use a safety check technique most effectively by ensuring.She also says that the X changing down shoots line scanner to be reallocated, with"make the forerunner's POLO snapback cheap picture scan the use of equipments to expand to other airports".

  The data announced according to the conveyance safe administration, since the beginning of this year, the bureau continuously shoots some Xs of big airports line scanner to adjust a small scaled airport.

  According to report, the new millimeter of wave scanner shoots line scanner to cover area than the X small, the Anne check speed has an exaltation, and the new scanner adoption automatically identifies system software, at first wide for denounce of passenger, Anne, check almost the 3D clairvoyance picture of naked picture will drive more for protect the cartoon of privacy to turn picture replace, can betterly protect the traveller's privacy.

  The United States transports to also emphasize in the pronouncement that the safe administrations provide toward The Xinhua news agency, John?The Huo Pu gold Si the university is applied physical laboratory and federal eat the pharmacy shoots line scanner to the X the safety carried on valuation, several datas showed that the radiation amount of of the equipments meets hygiene and safety standard that American law stipulates.

  Christmas is uncompleted after deep-fried machine affairs take place in 2009, the United States transported safe administrations to strengthen Anne in the airport to check measure, in many airports increase to establish whole body scanner.The traveller meeting cheap sunglasses that doesn't wish to accept a scanning faces stricter body search.The human body scanner usually uses X to shoot line to become to be like technique or millimeter wave technique to carry on a scanning to the passenger.Pass this kind of instrument, Anne checks a personnel to be able to "see through" the passenger's clothes, in order to prevent the passenger Be personal to hide dangerous goods.But this kind of instrument also causes to dispute very greatly in the public and the medium.Many people criticized, this was equal to let passenger"naked check", infringed upon the passenger's right of privacy.see more:
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